Erase Years of Teeth Discoloration with Professional Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Are your teeth stained by coffee, wine, smoking, or general aging? You don’t have to settle for a dingy, dull smile you don’t like. Professional teeth whitening in Seattle, Washington, can turn back the clock for a youthful-looking you! 

A Dental and Denture offers Zoom teeth whitening to restore your smile’s sparkle. This innovative teeth whitening system effectively removes stains and is gentle on your enamel. Take advantage of our teeth whitening treatment to get the dazzling smile you’ve always admired.

We start with a dental exam before teeth whitening

Unlike DIY teeth whitening, we won’t jump straight to whitening your teeth. One of our teeth whitening dentists will conduct a comprehensive dental exam to inspect your mouth for signs of tooth decay and infections. All oral problems must be treated first before your teeth whitening session. 

We’ll recommend professional teeth cleaning to remove built-in plaque and tartar that can compromise teeth whitening. Preliminary dental exams are vital to prevent any potential damage to your teeth and gums.

What to expect from the Philips Zoom! In-chair whitening

After the preliminaries, your Zoom teeth whitening procedure will take shape as below.

  • We’ll cover your lips, gums, and cheeks, only leaving your teeth exposed. This step ensures the bleaching agent doesn’t harm the soft tissues
  • The dentist will carefully apply the Zoom whitening gel on your teeth and then activate it with a light from a chairside lamp. The gel remains on your teeth for 15 minutes while still illuminated
  • The dentist will repeat the above step two to three times, depending on how bright you want your teeth to be. After the procedure is complete —primarily within 60 minutes—the dentist wipes away the whitening gel
  • The last step is to apply a desensitizing gel to minimize tooth sensitivity and “zings.” That’s it! Now you can enjoy your bright, white smile

Teeth whitening in our office is only administered by Dr. Fawaz Hatem and Dr. Isabella Amar. These doctors are professionally trained to whiten teeth for the safest and most effective outcomes. 

Professional teeth whitening near me

Looking for a smile upgrade with teeth whitening services in Seattle, WA? Reach out to A Dental and Denture by dialing (206) 445-0030, and our friendly team will be happy to help you.