Dentures in display

If you wear dentures, and they may begin to fit less comfortably as your bone and gum ridges can recede or shrink over time. Denture relining is an affordable and simple procedure that reshapes the underside of your dentures to ensure stability and comfort.

Denture relines are referred to as soft, hard, or temporary, and they can be completed in our Seattle denture office.

Hard Relines

Complete dentures are recommended to be maintained by relining the fitting surface of your teeth. Our denturists serving Seattle recommend a reline when the denture is no longer staying in place well or after 1 – 2 years.

Soft Relines

We also offer soft relines to patients who have thin gum tissue in their mouths and have had issues with hard denture bases in the past. These relines are relatively expensive, but offer patients with fragile gums a softer material in their mouth so they are able to function. Our clinic recommends patients who have soft relines to have their dentures relined once every two years as the material is more porous and is able to hold onto bacteria and other debris better than hard acrylic.

Temporary Liners

If you’re wearing Immediate dentures, you will undergo a series of temporary liners as you heal over your first year. When A temporary liner is no longer fitted, it is a good sign. This is a good indication that you have healed up to the point that the fitted surface of your denture needs a new liner. After approximately a year of temporary liners, our immediate denture patient is able to have their denture relined to have a hard acrylic base.

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