Fixing Lower Loose Dentures with Stable and Secure Dental Implants

Is it possible to improve the suction of my lower denture? At A Dental & Denture, we encounter this inquiry regularly from patients aiming to enhance the fit of their lower dentures. Our licensed denturist, Angelica P. Summer, has seen it all when it comes to dentures. If you have problems with your lower dentures, please schedule an appointment today. 

Why lower dentures tend to be unstable

Upper dentures are secured in place with suction and dental adhesives. Even when gravity works against them, upper dentures remain stable when using your teeth. In contrast, lower dentures are known for being notoriously loose when talking, smiling, or eating. You’d think that gravity alone would keep lower dentures in place, but the anatomy of the lower jaw disadvantages lower dentures.

Unlike the upper jaw, achieving a complete 360-degree seal of denture borders on the lower jaw isn’t attainable. Besides, lower dentures must accommodate tongue movements — up, down, and sideways — which can dislodge them. With many forces working against the lower dentures, it’s easy to see why they struggle to stay put.

Stabilizing lower dentures with dental implants

Patience is required to train your mouth to get used to dentures. As days pass, you’ll learn to talk and eat with dentures in your mouth. While practice and patience are key to learning how to live with dentures, we have another way to keep your dentures secured in place. 

If you are in good health and have sufficient jawbone in the lower jaw, implant-supported dentures can yield life-changing results. Secured by 2-4 dental implants, your denture will no longer move or float around. Moreover, dental implants preserve bone and encourage bone regeneration in the area they’re placed. 

Secure your smile with perfect-fitting dentures!

Although keeping lower dentures in place can be a tough nut to crack, our dental team always has a solution for loose dentures. If you have a problem with your denture, please call (206) 445-0030 to schedule an appointment with A Dental & Denture. We are located in Seattle, WA, but we serve numerous locations, including Bellevue, Tacoma, Redmond, Kirkland, Sammamish, Shoreline, Bothell, Burien, Newcastle, Tukwila, and Mukilteo, WA.