Quick and Easy Emergency Same-Day Denture Repair

Dentures are one of the most popular options for tooth replacement. As dentures are removable or attached to dental implants via a clasp, accidents can happen. Traditional dentures that are removable can be dropped, resulting in cracks, chips, teeth breaking off, and more. These issues can result in enough stress without worrying about where you can go to get a fast repair. Because we do everything we can to make our patient’s lives easier, we are happy to offer emergency same-day denture repair.

When a denture is damaged, it must be repaired promptly. What may start as a simple crack or chip can soon develop into more extensive and costly damage, possibly leaving you needing to replace the entire denture. At A Dental and Denture, we can evaluate any damage to determine the proper method to fix your denture. We can make these repairs while you wait so you walk away with a repaired denture on the same day.

Please get in touch with our office at (206) 445-0030 immediately if you need emergency same-day denture repair. We will be happy to see you and get your dentures fixed up so they are better than ever.

Emergency Same-Day Denture Repair in Seattle

  • Do you need a quick fix for a broken denture?
  • Has an artificial tooth been lost from your partial or full denture?
  • Has a tooth in your denture become loose or come completely off?
  • Has a metal clasp broken on your partial?
  • Are you missing a tooth?

Emergency denture repair – Call now: (206) 445-0030

Don’t let a broken denture stress you out. We are here for you to relieve you from your stress. Have our experienced Seattle denturist, Angelica Summer, help you. We have an in-house denture lab to restore your fractured or damaged denture close to its original condition.

Our on-site lab uses special acrylics, denture adhesives, and professional-grade teeth to make repairs that you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

So, if you are ever in need of denture repair, Call A Dental & Denture at (206) 445-0030.

  • Free Denture Cleaning
  • Free Denture Polishing

Denture Repair Patient Testimonials:

“I found the whole experience working with A Dental & Denture to be excellent. Everyone, especially Angelica, was very courteous and helpful, and a superior job was done in fixing my denture. I highly recommend anyone using their services,” Gordon.

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