Perfect Your Teeth and Bite Comfortably and Conveniently with Invisalign Orthodontics

Do you want a straighter, beautiful smile without traditional braces? Get a brand-new, perfectly aligned smile with Invisalign treatment in Seattle, Washington. Invisalign aligners from A Dental and Denture use transparent, removable trays to align your smile with minimal fuss. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign treatment is discreet, convenient, and doesn’t disrupt your everyday life. 

How Invisalign treatment works

The treatment starts with a consultation with Dr. Fawaz Hatem or Dr. Isabella Amar, the certified dentists in our office who administer Invisalign treatment. During your consultation, we will examine your oral health to ensure you don’t have cavities and gum infections and also inspect your teeth and bite to determine whether Invisalign is the best treatment.

If you are eligible for Invisalign, we will digitally scan your teeth. Instead of goop-based impressions, digital scanning is comfortable and generates thousands of detailed images within seconds. Then, we use these images to create a 3D rendering of your mouth and simulate your treatment plan, showing when and how each tooth will move at every stage.

You’ll receive a series of aligners to be worn in progression. Every two weeks, you are expected to shift to the next set of aligners, moving your teeth slowly but surely to the desired position. The expected treatment timeline for Invisalign is 12-18 months, but you must wear your aligners at least 20-22 hours daily to achieve a fast outcome.

Benefits of Invisalign treatment

Invisalign is a versatile orthodontic treatment that can fix misaligned, overcrowded, and gapped teeth. This teeth straightening system can also fix bite issues (malocclusion) like overbites, cross bites, open bites, and underbites.

Whether used to fix teeth or bite issues, you can expect the benefits below from Invisalign.

  • Comfort: Invisalign trays are custom-designed from smooth and flexible plastic, offering a comfortable treatment. Plastic trays eliminate the challenges of metal wires and brackets, like irritating soft tissues with sharp edges
  • Discreet: Invisalign trays are minimally visible, so you’ll perfect your smile without drawing unnecessary attention
  • Fewer dental visits: Since Invisalign trays don’t have wires and brackets that require frequent adjustments, you only need to see a dentist every six to eight weeks to monitor progress
  • Removable convenience: Invisalign trays are retractable, allowing you to eat and clean your teeth without disruptions

Invisalign Orthodontics Near Me

Invisalign is a straightforward, painless, and effective way to transform your smile and life. 

Get your best smile with Invisalign today by dialing (206) 445-0030 to schedule a consultation with A Dental and Denture.