Consider Custom-made and Life-looking Dentures to Replace Your Missing Teeth

Are you missing multiple teeth in Seattle, Washington? Complete dentures from A Dental & Denture are a cost-effective teeth replacement option for a full, beautiful smile. We understand losing teeth can be difficult. That’s why we offer superior cosmetic dentures to restore your smile’s function and aesthetic appeal. To learn more about our denture options, please schedule an appointment with our licensed denturist, Angelica Summer.

Who needs complete dentures?

While it’s hard to imagine it, you can lose all the teeth in your mouth! Factors like dental trauma, advanced gum disease, and extensive tooth decay can result in widespread tooth loss. Patients with deteriorating teeth can sometimes opt for full mouth extraction for a reliable tooth replacement solution. In all these cases, complete dentures can give you the beautiful smile you deserve. Full dentures replace all missing teeth in one or both arches. 

Our high-quality dentures

All dentures aren’t created equal. Regular dentures may be cheap, but they only meet your functional needs. Cosmetic dentures from our office are designed to replicate your natural teeth, from performance to appearance. Our dentures are made from life-looking artificial teeth supported by a gum-colored acrylic base for aesthetic and functional superiority. 

Using the revolutionary Accu-Liner system based on neuromuscular principles, our dentures offer a superior fit and predictable results. Our team also fabricates your dentures after taking the specifications of your dentition. This meticulous multi-stage process results in customized restorations that accurately complement your facial contours, lifestyle, personality, and other personal needs. 

Benefits of full mouth dentures

Thanks to innovative advancements in dentistry, modern dentures aren’t anything close to what you saw your grandmother wear. Made from high-quality materials and exceptional artistic prowess, our dentures look natural and fit comfortably. Also, custom-fitted dentures last longer because they fit snuggly in the mouth, ensuring no grinding or rubbing. 

Are you considering complete dentures from our office? You are on the right track. These are the benefits you’ll gain.

  • Renewed confidence
  • Restored ability to chew and speak with confidence
  • Professional detailing to ensure a natural feel and look
  • Durability
  • Minimal discomfort
  • It’s an affordable teeth replacement option 

Today’s patients demand stable dentures that look real and fit comfortably. Don’t settle for less. If you are considering superior full dentures to replace your teeth, we invite you to call (206) 440-1500 to schedule an appointment with our team at A Dental & Denture.