Gentle Teeth Extractions for Reduced Oral Pain and Improved Oral Health

No one likes losing their tooth, but teeth extractions are necessary for dental care. While A Dental & Denture tries as much as possible to save teeth, teeth removal is the best solution if your tooth is beyond restoration. Our dental extractions are a significant step towards enhanced oral health and reduced oral discomfort. 

Suspect you need tooth removal in Seattle, Washington? Please schedule an appointment with our team for gentle yet effective extractions. 

Why removing your tooth may be necessary

Dental extraction is removing your tooth from its socket. Although we try to save your natural tooth as much as possible, extracting your tooth is much better than keeping a badly damaged tooth. These are some reasons why you may lose your tooth.

  • A severely damaged or decayed tooth
  • An impacted tooth
  • If your tooth causes overcrowding,
  • Advanced periodontal disease 

Before we remove your tooth, we’ll examine your tooth to ensure removal is the best course of treatment. Depending on your tooth, you may require simple or surgical extraction. Whatever the case, our dental team has the experience, skills, and technology to restore your oral health.

What to expect during tooth extraction

A dental extraction is a routine procedure in our office. The treatment starts with an initial oral examination to inspect your tooth. We’ll numb your gums to minimize discomfort if an extraction is needed. Our dentist will recommend a simple extraction if your tooth is visible above the gum line. This procedure involves gently loosening the tooth from its socket with an elevator. Then, we use forceps to rock it back and forth until it becomes completely loose. Finally, the dentist pulls out the tooth from the socket.

Impacted teeth or teeth broken at the gum line level require surgical extraction. After anesthetizing your gums, we’ll incise your gums and bone to access the trapped tooth. We’ll break the tooth into pieces to reduce trauma when removing it. After removal, we’ll clean and suture the surgical site to kick-start healing.

After extraction, we’ll place a gauze pad over the socket to minimize bleeding. For optimal results, you should bite on the gauze for 30-60 minutes. After your treatment, you may experience mild pain and swelling. Don’t worry! We’ll give you aftercare tips to ensure a smooth recovery. 

Gentle teeth extractions near me

Do you have a badly damaged or decayed tooth in Seattle, WA? Please dial (206) 445-0030 for an evaluation at A Dental & Denture. If removal is necessary, our dental team offers gentle extraction services for optimal comfort.