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“The Secret Of A Well Made Denture”

Constructing a denture is an art that requires patience, attention to detail and experience. And the denturist is the undisputed master in this field.

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To make sure the job is done right, the denturist starts out by taking an impression of your gums. Then she or he uses various devices to reproduce your bite. These devices allow the denturist to reproduce your natural teeth as closely as possible; the most important of which is the try-in.

A try-in consists of a band of wax custom fit to your ridges on which the denturist arranges and rearranges artificial teeth until he achieves the most aesthetic look. The try-in is designed to be adjusted directly inside the mouth. This means that the margin of error between the try-in and the final denture is minimized.

We cannot construct your denture while skipping the all important try-in. Only a custom-made denture constructed in accordance with accepted procedures will guarantee your appearance, your comfort and, especially, your health.

Always remember that a beautiful smile is one that has been shaped to your mouth by a denturist.

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