Doctor Referrals


We are so appreciative for your valued patients that you trust to send to us for specialty care! We understand that you have developed relationships with these patients, sometimes over years. We know you may have other choices among local periodontists and oral surgeons and you are making a decision to send your patients our way — sometimes for the very first time.

We know that you are sincerely hoping that we treat them with the same care and professionalism that you do, and then we will keep you informed of their progress with us, and that both of our offices can be involved in treatment planning. This is exactly what we intend to do.

If you ever have a concern about our care or procedures or planning, we invite you to contact us immediately with any thoughts so that we can plan a successful outcome for your patient and that they may return for their regular care to your office: Seattle Office Phone Number 206-440-1500.

We thank you for your referrals and your trust.

Please visit our Referral Form page to find a referral form for our office.