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Denture Repair and Denture Reline

Fast Denture Repair and Maintenance: 206.440.1500

It's a sad fact that the dog will use your dentures as a chew toy the same morning that you're headed out for that job interview, or when you're on your way out for that special evening with friends or family.


Left your dentures...

...on the coffee table?

...on the sink?

And now they're a chew toy?

We can help: Fast Denture Repair!




We offer fast and economical denture repairs and relines in Seattle. Because we have an onsite denture repair lab in our Seattle office , we can generally offer on a same-day denture repair or denture relines.



206.440.1500, Denture 911!!!, Denture Emergency, Broken Denture, Tooth Came OffDenture Repairs - While You Wait!


Need to add or replace a tooth in your dentures?


Have a broken denture or cracked denture?


Denture repair is required when a denture is split or cracked, when teeth are loose or broken, or the denture or partial is otherwise damaged or functionally impaired. Call us at 206.440.1500.


We do only high pressure denture repairs to insure proper curing (which prevents burning sensations to the gum), and offer heavy-duty chromium wire reinforcement in fracture repairs to help protect your dentures against needing future denture repairs.





Denture Reline - same day service (Temporary, Soft, or Hard Relines)

Relining is the process of re-fitting the gum side of the denture or partial by adding a new layer of base material, without changing the occlusal relationship (i.e. the relationship of the upper and lower teeth with each other). This is commonly needed after changes in the gum structure (which can be caused by the aging process, healing after extraction, weight loss/gain, or other causes).




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